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Blockchain networking wherever you are

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Minglechain is the world’s first location-based networking app for DLT/Blockchain professionals, companies and enthusiasts. Our tailor-made search feature and intuitive messaging function can help you find the contacts you need with minimal effort. Users will also be kept up to date with networking opportunities such as events, making Minglechain a one-stop-shop for Blockchain professionals.

At this time, there exists both traditional and modern methods of building a professional network. However, for Blockchain/DLT professionals, these current systems are deemed insufficient. We believe that Minglechain streamlines the networking process by utilising a location-based network which searches for specific contacts who can be engaged with through an intuitive messaging function. While we are still in the early stages of creating a revolutionary decentralised application, it is already plain to see the potential that exists for the platform.

Minglechain is currently operational for Android and iOS users and will continue to scale and add new features. We are holding an IEO to create a native utility token for our platform – Minglechain Token (MC). MC can be used to pay in-app fees and avail of discounted in-app services. In addition, we believe that holding an IEO is a great tool to raise awareness and engage future users of the app.

Some of the main problems facing Blockchain/DLT professionals from expanding their network include:

Minglechain is already available on the App Store and the Google Play Store as a free download. Users can install the app and begin connecting with other members in their area today. We plan on releasing new features in the near future to enhance user experience.

Current features

  • Users can be found based on distance and specialised fields

  • Messaging functions intuitively

  • LinkedIn login feature allows users to directly transfer biographical information

New features before IEO

  • Companies can set up profiles on the platform to search for potential employees

  • Events

  • Multi-language user interface

  • More advanced chat

  • Sign up & referral bounty in MC tokens

  • Basic premium

  • Advertisements managed by Minglechain team

  • Management panel for support

  • Connection with exchanges

  • Multiple cloud hosted servers to reduce latency all over world

New features after IEO

  • More Premium features

  • Advertisements managed by user with dynamic pricing (published by Minglechain team)

  • Optimisations in match algorithms for users/companies/events

  • Event ticket sales

  • Management panel for event organisers

  • Wallet

  • Feeds

  • More features will come depending on feedback of users

Minglechain’s revenue will come from the following sources:

Updated information about the Minglechain token and ILO will be posted here soon.

Artem Fedula

CEO, Co-Founder

Artem Fedula is an experienced Blockchain and FinTech Entrepreneur who is thoroughly experienced in networking and building efficient communication systems. As a qualified Communications Practitioner, Artem has experience in corporate communication in multiple countries across South-East Asia and Eastern Europe. Artem specialises in the field of advertising and promoting major events. This work led Artem to believe that promoting events and other projects in the Blockchain space could become more efficient. This spawned the initial idea to create the Minglechain network.

Jan-Willem Verhees

CTO, Co-Founder

Jan-Willem Verhees has spent many years working as a Technical Consultant, helping companies in Netherlands to get the most out of their software development teams in Russia and Ukraine. By providing a clear vision and plan to implement it, Jan-Willem has assisted his clients by assuming tech start-up advisory, technical consultancy and project manager roles. Jan-Willem founded Orange Sputnik in 2013 to provide high quality software development at competitive prices. In 2014, Jan-Willem became a Partner and CTO of Paris-based company IdeasVoice, aimed at promoting start-up companies. Jan-Willem is a great asset to the team with a proven track record of helping start-ups to expand their business. His academic background includes the study of Computer Science and Embedded Systems in Eindhoven.

Conor Murray

Digital Marketing Project Manager

Conor Murray has experience working in FinTech and the Blockchain sphere. Conor’s initial experience in the financial industry world came as a Technical Support Specialist for Stripe’s contract with Voxpro in Cork, Ireland. Conor has been an advocate of Blockchain technology for many years and has experience working directly with start-up Blockchain-based companies during his time working for AmaZix. Conor has provided feedback and advice to numerous clients during the pre-ICO, public sale and post-ICO stages. In addition to this, he has assisted in the advertising and promotion of these clients’ projects, and used communication skills to build a strong rapport with each project’s individual online community.

Kevin Ochoa

Community Engagement Officer

Kevin has over 5 years of experience working in the digital marketing and operations sphere, four of which he spent advising traditional advertising clients while working at Google and later with more nimble startups and non-profit organizations across Africa and The Middle East. During his travels, Kevin realized the impact blockchain technology could have on the developing world and was eager to help bring more talented people together with Minglechain.

Grigory Manusha

Frontend Developer

Grigory is an extremely talented and experienced Frontend/React native developer with a plethora of skills to bring to the table. He is adept at HTML5, SASS and Javascript among many other languages. Grigory supplies highly customised tools and solutions to match the needs of Minglechain.

Ivan Shnurchenko

Backend Developer

Ivan is a Backend/NodeJS developer and Web Engineer with over 10 years experience in the field. His impressive resume includes work as a Delphi developer, Web Development at Glowing Mobile. The last years he is active in development for the blockchain industry.

Oni Janoras

UI/UX Designer

Oni is an experienced UI/UX Designer and Frontend Web Developer with a multitude of talents and a flair for sleek design. Oni’s skills include Web Design, Digital Painting, Logo Design in addition to possessing an Engineering background. Oni worked as a Graphic Designer before adopting the role of UI/UX Designer/Frontend Web Developer in 2015. This position involves building web and mobile technologies for start-ups on a global scale. Oni will ensure that Minglechain’s overall design and UI are cutting edge and highly innovative.